Blackhawks tough guy Daniel Carcillo is about to take an indeterminate vacation from the game of hockey, thanks to his rough play. With his new radio show already a success, “Carbomb” has decided to fill his time with another, more literary, endeavor.

“I’ve been reading since I was at least 15,” said Carcillo. “There’s nothing I enjoy more than taking my teeth out and curling up with one of the classics. And then disputing it.”

The Bomb Squad’s list begins like any other monthly book club’s might: with Jack Kerouac’s popular tale of travel On the Road. That tome is followed by M. Scott Peck’s beloved self-help book The Road Less Traveled. And from there, the list only develops more character.

“What do you learn from Catcher in the Rye? People are jerks. What do you learn from 1001 Super-Dirty Insults? How to deal with it,” said Carcillo. “That’s what my list is all about. Answering questions the Carbomb way.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the club is having no trouble recruiting members, including other athletes.

“There is no question that can’t be answered by reading a good book,” said Andrew Shaw, both the newest Blackhawk and book club member. “Or knocking out a tooth.”

By Dan Bradley. Photoshop by Kurt Evans

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