In the wake of their first loss in the season to the lowly Chiefs, fans of the Packers have taken to message boards and office water coolers to awkwardly and unconvincingly express their “relief” that the their team “doesn’t have to worry about that ’16-0′ target on their back anymore.”

One Packers fan from Menomonee Falls halfheartedly posted on the “PackerChatters” message board, “I mean, I’m glad we lost to KC.  Who wants perfection, really?  Let those ’72 Dolphins keep all the glory, 16-0 isn’t even that great of an accomplishment.”

When asked about the Packers loss on Sunday, Oshkosh resident and self proclaimed “No. 1 Pack fan” Bill Horwitz told reporters, “Hey, I for one am glad we got that undefeated monkey off our back.  No matter what, when the season is over, we can hold our heads high and know that the 2011 Packers are the best 15-1 team of all time to lose a game to Kyle Orton … ”  as his voice trailed off.

Despite the hollowness of their assurances that they were happy to see the Packers lose, Green Bay fans remained united in pointing out that they’re better than a Bears squad that has suffered injuries to their star starting quarterback and running back.

Jeff GoodSmith