With their playoff hopes slipping away, the miserable recent string of events for the Bears was somehow highlighted by backup WR Sam Hurd’s drug arrest as the team’s best news of the last seven days.

“Yes, it’s been a rough week,” said coach Lovie Smith. “But if there is one bright spot, it’s probably Sam’s arrest. Hell of an entrepreneur that kid is. Well, was, I guess.”

Bears fans were hoping Sunday’s game against Seattle would provide a necessary respite from a rough week of off-the-field drama for the team, but things only got worse after the Seahawks’ 38-14 win which was capped off by a miserable second half and potentially debilitating back injury to WR Johnny Knox.

Ever an optimist, Smith tried to find more positives about the Bears’ current situation.

“It’s never too early to talk about next year,” said Smith. “I’m pretty confident we’ll get Jay [Cutler] and Matt [Forte] back. Plus I don’t think any of our other receivers are smart enough to start up a drug ring, so we should be okay with that stuff too.”