After the Colts defeated the Titans 27-13 on Sunday, every NFL team has won at least once throughout the season, meaning that the 0-16 2008 Detroit Lions will continue to keep the crown of being the only team to go undefeated in a 16 game season.  To celebrate, as they do every year when the last winless team defeats their opponent, members of that Lions squad each celebrated the event by simultaneously uncorking a 40 ounce bottle of Colt 45 Malt Liquor.

Among those celebrating were wide receiver Brandon Middleton, quarterback John Kitna, and running back Rudi Johnson, all of whom claimed to look forward to the Colt 45 uncorking every year.

Colts quarterback Dan Orlovsky, who played in a majority of the 2008 Lions losses, cracked open his beer as soon as he helped lead the Colts to their first victory, telling reporters, “It’s great to get a win here, but it’s even better to help ensure that our Lions squad will go down as history!  I’ll see you guys at the end of the year party!”

Jeff GoodSmith