When Eli Manning stated he was in the same class as Tom Brady before the season, most laughed it off and refused to list him with the top quarterbacks in the game – now, they’ll have no choice but to call him “Elite.”

Eli, born Elijah Nelson Manning, has legally added two letters to his name and will be known as “Elite Manning” from this day forward.

“Chad [Ochocinco] did it. Artest did it. Hell, even back in the day Jabar and Ali did it,” said an intrepid Manning. “Why not Eli?”

Manning, who is the fouth-ranked QB in the league this season, and has the Giants atop the NFC East claimed the name change was a “gift for all the haters.”

“I’m not one to tell you ‘I told you so,’ but … ” said Manning as he revealed a T-shirt with those words, put on a pair of avatar sunglasses, kissed his Super Bowl ring, and strutted out of the locker room.

Many have noticed that Elite has a new found confidence about him this season, citing the probability of his brother Peyton’s injury and subsequent absence from the NFL as the reason.

“This is a one-Manning league for the first time in eight years,” said teammate Justin Tuck. “Eli’s my dog, I’d stack him up against any quarterback in the game … well, in the division at least. And we have only played six games so far.”

When told he should refer to Eli by his new name, Tuck laughed and added, “Yea, no chance I’m calling him that.”

Elite revealed that the Giants week he traversed the globe on Jay-Z’s yacht, a trip he referred to as the “Baller Bye Week.”