We’ve all seen it by now: Tebowing. According to the website www.tebowing.com, it’s a verb that means “to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.” Denver QB, Tim Tebow, made the act popular after his team survived mediocrity to defeat the Miami Dolphins in what’s been dubbed “The Miami Miracle.”

Wanting to hop on the wave of making one’s name into a physical gesture, NFL players across the country are creating their own catch phrase acts.

For example, Buffalo running back, C.J. Spiller intends to do “The Spiller” should he ever be lucky enough to actually score again in his career. According to Spiller, the act constitutes “Pouring one for my homies in the crowd,” from his Gatorade bottle.

“The Brady Bunch” is what New England QB Tom Brady is planning. “Each time I score, I’m going to adopt a child—alternating between boys and girls. Since I score about six times a game, it makes sense.”

Amongst the more violent options is the “Jackie Battle,” where the new feature back of the Chiefs intends on challenging one fan to a knife fight until someone draws “first blood.”

The “Frank Gore” will also soon be implemented once the San Franscisco running back receives his custom fitted helmet back from the taxidermist.

Houston place kicker Neil Rackers plans on swiftly planting his foot in an opposing linebacker’s crotch after every made field goal.

Pittsburgh QB Ben Roethlisberger has decided to “Roethlisberger” an innocent woman each time he scores. When informed the act had nothing to do with the premise of turning his name into a verb, Big Ben stated, “Come on, everybody associates my name with those acts anyway. I might as well capitalize.”

Manny L. Scoreboard