Former Bears center Olin Kreutz announced through his agent Friday that he was leaving the Saints because he “just hasn’t been feeling it.” However, sources close to the Saints staff seem to indicate that Kreutz was indeed “feeling it,” and left because he simply could no longer stand the icy-cold touch of quarterback Drew Brees’ hands on his backside.

Saints Marty Scheurbeck chief equipment manager told reporters the real reason behind Kreutz’s decision was the fact that Brees has what are known as the coldest hands in the NFL.

“I know the guy has ice water in his veins, but man, his hands too?” asked Scheubeck. ” Every day Olin would turn in his uniform, he would specifically ask me if I could add custom warmers to the crotch and rear or make Drew wear special gloves. He said those hands gave him nightmares.”

Kreutz started the first three games of the Saints’ season, but eventually went down to what was classified as a “sprain to his MCL”. Scheurbeck hinted that the injury was a small cover-up to hide the fact that Kreutz simply refused to snap the ball unless Brees lined up in the shotgun.

“Did you notice how many times he was off sides during those first three weeks? Countless! It’s no coincidence that each time, the penalty was incurred immediately after Brees initiated contact with Olin.”

Former Saints centers were asked to comment on the situation, but each declined statement—citing the “terms of their arrangement.” Brees likewise refused comment, going so far as to not shake hands with this reporter.

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