As negotiations continue for the acquisition of GM Theo Epstein, the Red Sox have looked through the Cubs lineup as an opportunity to gain talent to their organization as a part of the deal. Not one player on the abysmal Cubs roster interested the Red Sox to play for their team. Instead, the Red Sox have decided to take the most talented member of the Cubs organization, radio broadcaster Pat Hughes, as a part of the deal with GM Epstein.

“Not one member on that team is good enough to play here,” said Sox owner John Henry. “But those golden pipes of Pat Hughes are well-suited to broadcast games from Fenway.”

Pat Hughes himself was pleased with the outcome.

“Ever since I started calling Cubs baseball it’s been a dream of mine to leave,” said Hughes. “I almost forgot what my home run call sounds like.”

Epstein, on the other hand, was upset to hear negotiations for his services were stalling over a lowly radio broadcaster.

“Getting traded for an announcer is a little depressing,” Epstein said. “But it’s still more savvy than every decision a certain former Cubs GM has made … not that I’m mentioning any names.”

by Andy Landgrebe

Andy Landgrebe