Moments after his team’s 34-17 loss to the Ravens Sunday night, New York Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer was asked by media if he realized just how bad of a coordinator and play-caller he was.

To everyone’s surprise, Schottenheimer admitted that he does in fact realize his own ineptitude.

“Yes, I know I’m completely inept at my current position as Jets offensive coordinator,” said Schottenheimer. “Basically every play I call is used in the wrong situations and with the wrong personnel.”

When asked about his especially bad red zone calls or his irrational propensity to dial up crazy deep passing plays to receivers in double-coverage, Schottenheimer chuckled.

“I actually think it’s pretty funny considering I’ve been screwing up this offense for nearly five seasons and I still haven’t been fired,” he said. “If I was a general manager of a team, I wouldn’t even hire myself for O-coordinator.”

The Jets mustered just 150 total net yards in Sunday’s loss, a number Schottenheimer reportedly found “hilarious.”

By Josh Burton, Follow me on Twitter: @vcarternj