Jets starting QB and media darling Mark Sanchez will have to cancel all magazine photo shoots for the next four to six weeks after his nose was broken in a hard-fought road loss to the Raiders Sunday.

“This is terrible news,” said the battered Sanchez, who shouldn’t miss any playing time with the injury. “I had five cover shoots lined up for the next month: Esquire, Vanity Fair, SI for Kids, Real Simple and Scientific American. Now they’re all gone.”

Sanchez drew fire from fellow star QB Aaron Rodgers earlier this month for what Rodgers called “embarrassing” fashion photos of Sanchez in GQ. At the time Sanchez laughed it off, but he’s not laughing anymore.

“Aaron’s just jealous that I have style and he doesn’t,” said Sanchez. “I still can’t believe I have to pass up those photo shoots. I just love seeing myself in print. Maybe the next issue of ‘Broken Noses Monthly’ still needs a cover boy.