Not satisfied with adding University of Colorado and University of Utah to transform itself to a Championship Game eligible conference, the newly-formed Pac-12 announced its plan to form a PAC-144 SuperConference to include every Division I football program except Notre Dame.

The current Pac-12 alignment calls for an Ocean View Division made up of six teams with access to the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the No View Division made up of six teams stuck somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. The winner of the Championship Game has a guaranteed berth into the Rose Bowl or some other lucrative BCS game.

Commissioner Larry Scott initially suggested expanding to 16 teams before settling on 144.

“Pac-12 Squared,” Scott said. “It’s gross. Not disgusting but a dozen dozen. That’s a gross.”

Under Scott’s new proposal, this gross conference will have six super sub-conferences with the winner of each sub-conference having a guaranteed berth to a BCS game. These sub-conferences include the SouthEast Sub-Conference made up of teams like LSU, Florida, and Alabama, the Atlantic Coast Sub-Conference with Florida State, Miami, and Virginia Tech, the Big East Sub-Conference with weak football programs but awesome basketball teams, the mathematically-challenged Big Ten Sub-Conference with twelve teams from the corn belt, The Grapes of Wrath Sub-Conference with Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas, and the Pacific-12 Sub-Conference including USC, UCLA, and Oregon. Every region will be represented by the Pac-144 except Maine, Vermont, North Dakota, and Guam.

The remaining four teams will be chosen for a BCS bowl game or a title game depending on the final computerized rankings and where Notre Dame finishes in the polls.