Bears’ fan Martin Jenkins, blind since the age of three, has never struggled to communicate with anyone — until he met Lance Briggs. Jenkins waited two hours to meet Briggs at a sporting goods store appearance by the Bears’ star linebacker, and a reporter transcribed Jenkins’ interaction with Briggs:

Jenkins: “I am so excited to meet you, Mr. Briggs. Would you sign my football?”

Briggs: “Lance Briggs would be happy to sign your football.” [takes football from Jenkins]

Jenkins: “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought I was talking to Mr. Briggs. Would you hand this football to him for me, please?”

Briggs: “You are talking to Lance Briggs. Lance Briggs hears you.”

Jenkins: “But where is he? Is he behind you?”

Briggs: “Lance Briggs is right in front of you. And he just signed your football.” [hands football back to Jenkins]

Jenkins: “But you signed it. I was hoping Lance Briggs would sign it.”

Briggs: “Lance Briggs did sign your football.”

Jenkins: “This is terribly confusing.”

Briggs: “Lance Briggs hopes you have a good day!”

Other fans experienced similar frustrations at the appearance. Trouble started with the immense banner hanging behind the linebacker that stated: “Hi, I’m Lance Briggs. Nice to meet me.”