Rex Ryan has a big personality, and an even bigger mouth.

Since his hire, Ryan has made more controversial comments than any other NFL coach, and has never shown an ounce of remorse—until now. At his pre-game press conference Saturday, Ryan announced he would be turning over a new leaf.

“As you know, I speak in the moment, and I never hold back,” Ryan said. “It seems like no matter what I say, someone has a problem with it, so here. Here’s my apology. I’m sorry. I apologize in advance for what I’m about to say.”

Ryan’s new shtick will be to apologize for any offensive comments he may or may not blurt while meeting with the press. It’s a step in the right direction, but one has to wonder if he’s truly sincere in his admissions of ignorance.

After breaking down the game plan for the season opener, Ryan went on to call the Cowboys “sissy Mary’s,” and said the average Dallas resident made him look like fitness celebrity John Basedow. He then reminded everyone that his comments were fine because of the prior apology.

“No, I don’t accept,” said an angered Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett. “Rex should worry about his team, and not try so hard to get himself a string of those terrible Coors commercials.”

“I’m sorry,” retorted Ryan. “I’m sorry Jason is such a [expletive] baby. Again, I apologize, but he is a terrible coach with an overrated team, and I expect us to beat them handily.”

Ryan was later asked if he feared his shenanigans could lead to potential staff layoffs, or losses.

Ryan scoffed at the question, adding, “Layoffs? Don’t talk about … Layoffs? Are you kidding me? Layoffs?! We play to win the god-damn game!”