An organic veggie tray somehow didn’t make it into Arlington Heights native Fred Monroe’s cooler as he hurried out the door at 9 a.m. this morning to meet the guys at Soldier Field for the first tailgate of the year.

“It’s hard to believe he didn’t see the veggies, as they were sitting right next to the beer and brats in the fridge,” said his wife Allison. “Mr. 350 Cholesterol didn’t forget the potato chips and beef jerky, that’s for sure.”

According to Mr. Monroe, it was a simple oversight.

“Maybe next time she should pack the vegetables inside the cooler so I don’t forget,” he said. “And by next time I mean Week 10 when it’s my turn to bring the food again. Oh well. The guys sure would have loved that broccoli and non-fat vinaigrette. I guess we’ll have to eat more sauerkraut and cole slaw to get our greens.”

Heckler George