After losing star wide receiver Steve Smith to rival Eagles and tight end Kevin Boss to the Raiders this off season the Giants signed former stars and current TV analysts Cris Carter and Shannon Sharpe to one-year deals. Even though both players are nearly a decade out of the league, GM Jerry Reese and head coach Tom Coughlin felt they had no other options.

“I’m excited to welcome Shannon and Cris to our team and we expect them to become instant playmakers due to the fact that we had no decent receivers or tight ends other than Hakeem Nicks,” said Coughlin. “Since losing Steve and Kevin, our receiving corps looked pathetic”

Not everyone world was excited with the signings. CBS President Sean McManus was extremely upset to lose Sharpe who is a panelist on the network’s “NFL Today.”

“Screw the Giants,” said McManus. The only other team I would be happy with Shannon going to would be the Jets because the Jets are awesome. NFL Today will never be the same.”

Coughlin thinks he might want up losing his new signees due to his tough-nosed approach to the game.

“The only thing I’m worried about is scaring Shannon and Cris away with the extreme cruelness I show to everyone on my team except for Eli,” said Coughlin. “I love Eli.”

By Josh Burton, Twitter & Facebook