Patrick Kane’s reputation as a party animal was reinforced earlier this week when Deadspin posted photos of the 22-year-old superstar allegedly cavorting late-night and suggested a massive hangover was the reason he then missed two days of practice earlier this week. Kane said he’s learned his lesson and as a result will no longer hang out with people who own cameras.

“The photos of me posted on the internet this week have taught me an invaluable lesson,” said Kane. “I’m cleaning up my act, at least if there are any cameras around.”

Kane said that he’s going to invite his friends who own cameras to accompany him only on trips to church and when he serves out any court-ordered public service stints. But what about strangers snapping photos of him when he’s out on the town?

“Big John [Scott] has already agreed to accompany me whenever I’m out getting slizzered,” said Kane. “Anytime someone tries to get a photo of me all sneaky style, they’ll have to deal with my free-swinging monkey-armed friend.”