Moments after the Packers began celebrating their Super Bowl berth at Soldier Field coach Mike McCarthy was asked to name the game’s MVP.

“Without a doubt, it was Jay Cutler,” said McCarthy. “His play — or lack thereof — is the reason we’re packing our bags for Dallas.”

McCarthy said his team’s goal was to shut Cutler down, but the Bears QB did that himself after leaving the game in the second half with an apparent knee injury.

“I know that if our QB had to leave a championship game it would be in an ambulance,” said McCarthy. “And that’s not the case with Jay. That’s why he’s our MVP of the game.”

McCarthy said that if the Packers wind up winning the Super Bowl they’ll get a ring made for Cutler.

“Let’s be honest,” said McCarthy. “It might be the closest Jay ever comes to getting a Super Bowl ring on his own.”