Just minutes after the Packers defeated the Bears 21-14 in a sloppy, embarrassing NFC Championship Game, league commissioner Roger Goodell announced the winner of Sunday’s AFC Championship would be awarded the Lombardi Trophy.

“We always talk about protecting the image of the league, and that means not forcing America to witness a joke of a Super Bowl,” said Goodell. “The Packers may have won the game, but let’s be serious – they looked nearly as bad as Chicago and barely beat their third QB. They couldn’t handle the Steelers or Jets if they had ten tries.”

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy disputed the claim.

“Did you see how we almost kinda bottled up Caleb Hanie?” he asked. “Sure, Aaron Rodgers choked the entire game after that first drive, but I really think our team could … uh … compete with those AFC squads. You never know.”

Football fans across the nation were relieved upon hearing the news.

“Maybe they can just have the offense and defense of the AFC Championship team scrimmage against each other,” said NFL fan Bob Thomas. “That way we can have a close battle, and still see the commercials. Then, next year, they can have the AFC Champion play the BCS Champion!”

Heckler George