Following Illinois Governor Pat Quinn’s lead, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley was hoping to place a friendly wager with his counterpart on the outcome of the Bears-Packers game. That plan was thwarted, however, when Daley learned Green Bay is governed by a stuffed fox affectionately known as “Mayor Stufferson.”

“Apparently they got rid of human mayors back in the eighties after one of them bilked the local dairy lobby for like twenty bucks,” said Daley. “It’s a shame. Twenty bucks is not a lot of money. I could have got at least fifty from those yahoos. Anyway, no bet. Oh well.”

Mayor Stufferson was not able to comment, but his handlers did prop him up at a press conference which consisted of various signs being held above Stufferson’s head indicating that “the Bears suck” and “Chicaco is stupid.”

When asked what it was like to have a stuffed fox for a mayor, most Green Bay citizens were okay with it.

“My Uncle Jim stuffed him at his taxidermy shop, so I’ve always felt a special bond to Mr. Stufferson,” said Vince ‘Lombardi’ Benton. “Plus, what do we need a real mayor for? If anything important comes up, the city council just tosses Mr. Stufferson into the lake. If he floats, approved. If he sinks, vetoed. Beats those 89% taxes I hear they have in Chicago.”

Heckler George