Monday morning was a gleeful one in Green Bay as residents took part in a raucous celebration of Sunday afternoon’s NFC Championship victory against the Bears. A downtown rally got a little out of hand, however, as excited Packers fans rioted, tipping over tractors that were parked in their regular spots all over the city.

“I guess we didn’t know what we were in for,” said Green Bay Mayor Stufferson. “People around here love the Packers and gotten a little pent up in the 13 years since our last Super Bowl appearance.”

Stufferson said that the National Guard was called in to keep overzealous fans at bay.

“Once you get a group of Packers fans fired up there’s not much you can do to settle them down,” said Stufferson. “We tried to calm them by lobbing free bags of cheese curds into the crowd, but that didn’t even work so we had to call in the big guns.”