A day after Mike Ditka made headlines by predicting the Bears would beat the Packers in Sunday’s NFC championship game, another former Bears coach was upset no one’s asking him for his thoughts on the match-up.

“Does it sting? Yes, you know, it stings,” said Dave Wannstedt, who took over after Ditka was fired in 1992 and lead the Bears to a 40-56 record until he was terminated six seasons later. “Everyone in the world is talking about this game and not one member of the media has bothered to ask me what I’m thinking about the game.”

Though he’s reportedly been hired as an assistant coach by the Bills, Wannstedt has plenty of time to share his insights on the game.

“Everyone associates Ditka with the Bears but what about me?” said Wannstedt. “I won one playoff game as head coach. No one seems to remember that.”