Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know this is a big weekend in Chicago, with SoxFest 2011 dominating the conversation around the water cooler and sports blogs. For some Chicago sports fans, the coverage of the annual convention has been so intense they find themselves almost wishing the weekend would be over with already.

“Hey, I understand this is a big deal, and like everybody in Chicago, I’m really, really looking forward to SoxFest,” said Brad Magnus. “But it’s been all anyone has been talking about all week. Even my mother, who never cares about sports, is telling me she’s so excited to see Will Ohman in a Sox uniform.”

Held once again at the Palmer House Hilton, SoxFest 2011 has been covered on the front sports page of each of the city’s newspapers every day this week, and finding a sports radio talk show discussing anything else has proven impossible.

“On Monday I was excited and couldn’t wait for the weekend, but I got a little burnt out by yesterday,” said Rachel Goeppner. “I’m getting sick of seeing everyone who changed their profile pictures to Sox symbols. I might even watch football on Sunday if a decent game is on.”

While the coverage has certainly been a bit much, some Chicagoans are taking it in stride. “The hype hasn’t been all bad,” said accountant Bill Wilke. “Our casual Friday dress code was amended to include anything Sox-related.”