In another move to save money, the Cubs have announced Pat Hughes will go solo on all Cubs broadcasts on WGN Radio in 2011. But fear not Cubs fans. While there may not be another body in the booth, there will be another voice. Sound clips of Ron Santo will be available for Hughes to play during the game.

“We’ll have all the standards, ‘Oh my God’, ‘Yes!’, and ‘What did you say Pat?’, but there will be some that I won’t even know what’s coming,” said Hughes. “I hear there’s over 500 different guesses to the Attendance Game and they will be played on a rotated basis so we can continue to win tickets for the the world’s greatest fans.”

WGN Sports Director Dave Eanet was excited to bring in the same technology that has caused thousands of overnight DJ’s across America to lose their jobs.

“We had to cut the budget so it was either this or broadcast road games from a TV in our Michigan Avenue studio,” said Eanet. “If this is successful, maybe we can even throw in some Harry Caray ‘Holy Cow’s’ or the ‘Hey Hey’ of Jack Brickhouse.”

By Vince LiFonti

Chicago Vince