Blackhawks defenseman Brian Campbell formed Campbell For Kids so he could team up with various charities to help needy children around Chicago. But the vague wording of his organization’s name has left some people wanting more.

“I signed up for the poker tournament because my son told me Brian Campbell would come home and play with him if I won,” said father Rick Schlapkol. “Do you know the price of babysitters now? Our last one wanted us to pay into her 401k. I took off work for this!”

Campbell claims that, even though the charity is routinely advertised and spoken about by teammates, he has gotten complaints from parents whose children believe he is offering his services as a sitter, butler or play-date.

“Yeah, my son don’t even watch hockey. He thought it was some kinda gimmick to get free soup,” said father Brian Martinez. “I was confused. It sounded like a fertility clinic to me.”

“I’ve been trying to come up with a name that’s a little clearer,” said Campbell. “Hockey Player Brian Campbell Helps Needy Kids by Raising and Donating … ugh. It’s tough to be both clever and accurate.”

By Dan Bradley

Bandwagon Dan