The Bears and Packers are moving up Sunday’s NFC Championship to Friday night after agreeing that enough is enough when it comes to media and fan analysis, speculation, idle chatter, and ridiculous stories and tributes.

“I don’t know about you, but these last few days have seemed like a month,” said Bears coach Lovie Smith. “This game is all anyone can seem to focus on and everyone is running out of stuff to talk about. Let’s just got on with the game already.”

After sitting through yet another half-hour local news broadcast that devoted its first 20 minutes to ridiculous played-out Bears-Packers stories,  Smith decided to call Packers coach Mike McCarthy to see if he wanted to play the game at Soldier Field earlier than scheduled. McCarthy was all for it.

“I’m not normally a big fan of Lovie’s strategic thinking skills, but he was spot-on with this call,” said McCarthy. “The local coverage up here has been completely absurd. I saw a 10-minute news story about a woman who dyed her dog Packers colors. 10 minutes! Let’s play the damn game already.

Photo credit: Some talented graphic designer with way, way too much time on his hands.