While in town this week promoting his new film “The Dilemma,” Lake Forest native Vince Vaughn has dropped hints he might be ready to jump on the Bears bandwagon since the team has a No. 2 seed in the NFC playoffs. Like most Chicago celebrities, Vaughn only follows local teams when he can be assured of national TV exposure by scoring primo seats to big games.

Vaughn is a little late to the party, but he thinks the reason it took him so long to realize the Bears were good was due to his Stanley Cup hangover.

“I’ve been a lifelong Blackhawks fan for at least eight months,” said Vaughn. “I partied so much after the Stanley Cup win, I’m just now realizing there’s another Chicago team I could attach myself to in order to promote my persona and whatever it is I have going on.”

Vaughn seems to have taken the reins from Jim Belushi as the Chicago sports go-to celebrity ever since Belushi called Cubs president Crane Kenney “Crane Kennedy” back in 2008.

By Vince LiFonti

Chicago Vince