The following panels and seminars have been added to this year’s Cubs Convention schedule. Please stop by The Heckler booth (#58) for time and location details.


“The Art of Hitting a Curveball” featuring Alfonso Soriano

“110%, 110% of the Time” with Aramis Ramirez

“Catching Fly Balls” with special guest Brant Brown

‎”Harnessing Dugout Anger” by Gatorade Machine

“My Struggles With Weight” featuring Carlos Silva. First 500 fans receive a free nacho tray from the food court. In fact, the entire seminar will be held in the food court.

Ryan Dempster talks postgame celebration safety, while dangling from the second floor balcony

“Carlos Zambrano: I really expected to be traded by now, I have no idea why I’m still here. But, since I’m here, I’ll offer some tips on how not to hurt yourself while beating the crap out of teammates in the dugout”

Carlos Pena: What I learned from reading Ted Williams’ “The Art of Hitting”
Hint: Not Much!

“Never, Ever, Ever Give Up” featuring a special appearance from retired manager and current Denny’s Customer of the Month Lou Piniella

“Turn That Large Payroll into Championships!” with Cubs GM Jim Hendry

“Best Hangouts in Des Moines” featuring Jeff Samardzija

“Why you should never sign a contract after a few beers at D’Agostino’s” by Kerry Wood


“Life After Hype” with Kosuke Fukudome and former Cub sensation Gary Scott

Pat Hughes and How to Describe Cubs Conventioneer’s Outfits in 10 Words or Less

Mark Riggins hosts “Who the F#@% is This Guy?”

Let Ryne Sandberg take you on a virtual tour of the lovely city of Lehigh Valley, aka “The Crown Jewel of Triple-A Baseball”

Carlos Pena hosts “The Race to .200”

“Nap Time: How I Spent The 2010 Season” a photo essay by Aramis Ramirez

Tom Ricketts on Effective Government Relations

Koyie Hill discusses ways to keep your job when you’re only good at half of the stuff you do

“A Detailed Look at English Maritime Trade Policy and Taxation During the 100 Years War” with Ronnie Woo-Woo

“Magic!” featuring Ryan Dempster and his semi-foxy assistant Sheila

“How to Secretly Get in Football Shape Without Voiding Your Baseball Contract” by Jeff Samardzija


“What Channel is the Bears Game on?” by everyone at Kitty O’Shea’s

“The Chick(s) I Slept With Last Night” hosted by Mark Grace and TBD(s)

“I’m Not Tim Stoddard” by Rick Reuschel

“Evaluation of Cubs Wives” featuring Laura Ricketts and friends

“Repairing Broken Gatorade Dispensers” with Carlos Zambrano

“The Japanese Art of Lowering Expectations” with Kosuke Fukudome

“Thank God It Wasn’t Me” featuring the Guy Who Sat Next to Bartman

“Best Places for Late Night Munchies in Major League Cities” with Geovany Soto and former White Sox hurler Freddy Garcia

Heckler George