Nikolai Khabibulin visited Chicago Sunday night as a member of the Edmonton Oilers and stayed sober long enough to limit his former team to just one goal in a 2-1 defeat of the Blackhawks. Khabibulin has 26 saves, including  two especially amazing stops on one play late in the third to help stonewall his old mates.

“In my native Russia, it is a legal requirement that your blood alcohol level be at least 0.50 percent at all times,” said Khabibulin who was busted for a DUI earlier this year. “But today I drink only one bottle of vodka before game to help me see both pucks clearly.”

Hawks backup goalie Corey Crawford nearly held his own but allowed two third-period goals just 14 seconds apart. He blamed Khabibulin’s legacy for his late-game lapse.

“During the second intermission a few guys who played with Nikolai in Chicago were telling me about all the booze he’d drink during games,” said Crawford. “So I had half a shot of tequila with Kaner right before the third period. Bad idea.”