Just a day after Cubs co-owner Todd Ricketts was featured on an episode of CBS’s “Undercover Boss,” White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf expressed an interest in getting on a reality show himself and is hoping to land a spot on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

“I’ll be damned if the Cubs are the only team in town to get national exposure on a reality show this winter,” said Reinsdorf. “If it means I’ve got throw on a goofy outfit and shake my tail a little, then let’s get to it.”

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, who hosted a salsa dancing event two months ago, didn’t think Reinsdorf had what it took to be a good dancer.

“At World Series celebration in 2005, I saw [expletive deleted] Jerry try to dance,” said Guillen. “Jerry dance like a [expletive deleted] monkey with his [expletive deleted] balls on fire. Yeah, Jerry not dancer.”

Host Tom Bergeron said he wasn’t sure Reinsdorf was DWTS material.

“We get lots and lots of low-level celebrities who think they can be on the show,” said Bergeron. “We draw the line right below former ‘Baywatch’ stars and let me tell you, some guy who owns a minor league baseball team is no ‘Baywatch’ star.”