A community that has been fretting over the disappearance of a young teen for several months finally found relief earlier this week when he surfaced on national television.

Mitch Kramer, son of stern mother Mrs. Kramer, was last seen by parents and friends exiting the athletic field of Lee High School after striking out the final batter of the 9th inning to secure the win for his team.

“He got the strikeout, then he appeared to wander off towards the exit in left field where there were some seniors, then he was just gone,” said local high school baseball enthusiast John Selby.

Mrs. Kramer reportedly stayed up all night waiting for her son to come home. She began to fear for his safety when sunrise came and he still had not returned for bed. Neighbors say that the mother began to worry that she might never see her son again. However, upon tuning in to Fox on Wednesday night, all her fears were allayed.

“I turned on the television, and there was Mitch right in front of me. Somehow he got a major league contract with the Giants and was starting game 1 of the World Series!”

Mitch Kramer apparently used a pseudonym, Tim Lincecum, to gain entrance to tryouts. During his first World Series outing, he pitched through 5 and two thirds innings, giving up 8 hits and 4 earned runs while securing a win and a 1-0 series lead for the Giants.

Although he wanted to celebrate with his teammates, Lincecum was forced to leave AT&T Park early due to some seniors waving paddles behind the bullpen.

By Tim Weaver