The infamous “Tiger Woods Cigar Guy” is reportedly the top candidate to replace Cubs TV color man Bob Brenly, who is rumored to be leaving to manage the Brewers. The news comes as a shock to most, considering Cigar Guy’s level of¬†baseball knowledge — or his actual name — is completely unknown.

WGN TV President Martin Wilkinsen Wednesday morning said the only characteristic sought in Brenly’s replacement would be an equal or better mustache and Cigar Guy definitely fits the bill.

“Throw in the big stogie and unique head gear, and Cigar Guy is my guy,” said Wilkinsen. “It’s a little tough to make out exactly what he’s got on his head. Looks like a wig. Could be a turban, which would undoubtably alienate some of our more conservative viewers.”

Wilkinsen put a call into Cigar Guy’s representation, and immediately brought him in for a screen test with play-by-play man Len Kasper.

“I’ll miss working with my old pal and sidekick Bob Brenly,” said Kasper. “But working with someone as famous as Cigar Guy¬†will make every call feel like a home run call … it is OUTTA here.”