The Cubs have an apparent vacancy in their TV broadcast booth after color man Bob Brenly is reportedly headed to Milwaukee where he’ll manage the rival Brewers. WGN TV is already looking for Brenly’s replacement, but won’t settle for just anyone.

“He’s got to have a great mustache,” said WGN TV President Martin Wilkinsen. “Sure, talent would be great, but if he doesn’t have a mustache as good as Bob’s, no go.”

Wilkinsen said early candidates are Geraldo Rivera, Michael Jordan, the Tiger Woods Cigar Guy and, in a strange twist, Brewers mascot Bernie Brewer.

While Brenly offered no formal comment Wednesday morning, sources say he considers Milwaukee an upgrade from the Cubs TV booth.

“Bob was miserable this year,” said one source. “Being forced to watch terrible baseball all season was tourture. It was so bad that he considers going to a hell-hole like Milwaukee to be an improvement.”