In an attempt to prevent backup QB Todd Collins from certain injury against Carolina this weekend, offensive coordinator Mike Martz will go with a seven-lineman set on most plays.

Notorious for his deep playbook, Martz has scaled back to just five plays for Sunday: Three that will utilize nothing but blockers, a kneel-down to be used in every third-down situation and a special punt play to be used on any first down inside their own 30.

“We’re going to go with what I’m calling our ‘God Save the Quarterback’ set Sunday,” said Martz. “That’ll be seven offensive linemen, two blocking backs, a tight end and our QB in a deep shotgun.”

Martz said he hoped at least three of the seven linemen could hold a block for up to two seconds, which should buy Collins enough time to scramble for a short gain or perhaps throw the ball away for a grounding penalty.

“Even if it’s a two-yard gain or a 10-yard penalty, it’s got to be better than nine sacks in one half,” said Martz. “I’m willing to stake whatever credibility I still have in the NFL on it.”