Deadspin yesterday revealed it had photos of what it purported to be the penis of elderly quarterback Brett Favre. Today it published those photos as the integrity of the sports blog world reached an all-time low.

“By publishing photos of a geriatric athlete’s genitals, we continue to set the bar lower and lower in sports entertainment media,” said AJ Daulerio. “My family is so proud.”

Daulerio said it wasn’t until he received the photos — part of Favre’s attempt several years ago to seduce former part-time Jets sideline reporter/FSU Cowgirl and full-time floozy Jenn Sterger — that he was sure Favre had a penis. He wanted to make sure his site’s visitors were also made aware of the discovery.

“Sure, Brett Favre’s a male with a few kids so one could assume he’s got a functioning penis,” said Daulerio. “But now we all know for sure what this graying old man’s genitals look like and for that, you’re welcome.”