In a surprise move by the Mets, the self-proclaimed “Cubs of the NL East” are prepared to hire Ryne Sandberg to manage them pending an interview which is said to be a mere formality.

The Mets recently fired manager Jerry Manuel and GM Omar Minaya following another disappointing season mimicked in the style of the Cubs. The Mets’ $133 million opening day payroll was the fifth highest in baseball yet they finished 79-83.

“We figure we’re the Cubs of the National League East, so Ryno’s already experienced with our kind of disorganization,” said the guy currently running the Mets, who declined to give his name. “He’d fit in perfectly here.”

When asked about naming a replacement for Minaya, the guy currently running the Mets said the team is in no hurry.

“Actually, we’re interested in hiring Jim Hendry as our GM to make our comparison to the Cubs more blatantly obvious,” he said, but quickly admitted he was only joking.

“Hiring Jim Hendry to be our GM makes absolutely no sense. We’re not really the Cubs. We’re the Mess.”