While Bears fans were mortified after Jay Cutler was knocked out of Sunday night’s game with a concussion, they’ll be even more shocked to learn offensive coordinator Mike Martz took out a $2 million life insurance policy on his star QB earlier this week. The gains Martz could secure with the secret policy may have prompted the terrible play calling that left Cutler so dangerously exposed to injury.

Martz first denied the rumors but later acknowledged they were true. However, he claims the insurance policy did not impact the plays he called, nine of which in the first half were ended by Giants sacks.

“I normally wouldn’t bet on the death of one of my own players, but I couldn’t afford not to in this case,” Martz said after the Bears’ 17-3 defeat in the Meadowlands. “Jay was already unfortunately near the top of the league in sacks and the Giants’ d-line is a bunch of killers.”

But scrutiny of Martz’s play-calling might suggest otherwise. The Bears did little to combat the Giants’ fierce pass rush and even occasionally put feeble-blocking Greg Olsen in the backfield to pick up defensive end Osi Umenyiora who finished the game with three sacks and a pair of forced fumbles.

“Sure, in previous games we took advantage of the opponents’ pass rush by running quick pass plays to the areas of the field vacated by blitzing linebackers,” admitted Martz. “But these guys were flying all over the field. What could I do? Plus, if Cutler doesn’t come out of it, I’m up $2 million. Things have a way of working out for the best.”