Earlier this week the flailing White Sox were eliminated from the AL Central race. Rather than dwell on his team’s catastrophic stretch play, Sox fan Billy Marowitski had only one thing to say.

“Yeah sure, Ozzie and the boys are going to fall short of the World Series this year,” said Marowitski. “But we all know the Cubs suck and that’s what matters.”

Marowitski wasn’t impressed that the Cubs are 8-2 in their last 10 compared to the White Sox mark of 2-8.

“You know the last time the Cubs won the World Series?” asked Marowitski. “That’s right, 1908 bitches.”

When told the White Sox still had a 0.001 percent chance of winning the wild card, Marowitiski refused to cave on his Cubs hatred.

“Yeah, I went to Wrigley Field once,” said Marowitski. “Buncha homos. It was like a gay bar, not that I would know what a gay bar is like.”