White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen surprised the media Wednesday announcing he would be stepping down at the close of the 2010 season. After charging into first place mid-year, the Sox are now mathematically eliminated from the AL Central race, in danger of finishing in third place and about to be eliminated from the Wild Card hunt, but few expected change to come so quickly.

“I’ve [expletive deleted] do what I could,” Guillen told reporters at the Supermax prison-like Oakland Coliseum following the Sox’ 7-2 loss, the eight in row for his beleaguered team. “I [expletived deleted] sick of it. We no hit, we pitch like [expletive deleted]. I got my [expletive deleted] ring. It’s enough.”

Guillen would neither confirm nor deny rumors that he had been lured away to join Rahm Emanuel’s nascent campaign for Mayor of Chicago.

“I talk to him [Emanuel]. He good guy, good [expletive deleted] guy, the kind this city need, no like those other [expletive deleted] guys,” said Guillen.

An Emanuel staff member, who spoke under condition of anonymity, admitted that the Venezuelan-born manager could help shore up their candidate’s Latino base, as well as make inroads into the crucial unfavorable-tooth-to-tattoo-ratio demographic typical of White Sox fans. Emanuel, a die-hard Cubs fan, would not elaborate on the conversation he had with Guillen but mentioned that they are currently interviewing prospective press spokesmen.

Submitted by reader Cary Nathenson

Cary Nathenson