The Blackhawks postponed their Stanley Cup weekend tour of community organizations to stop at Wrigley Field for Sunday night’s Cubs-Sox game. Fans were thrilled to finally have a chance to finally party with the players and their trophy.

“I’ve been out boozing to celebrate the Blackhawks championship all weekend and haven’t seen one player anywhere,” said Phil Patrick of River North, a neighborhood that has yet to report a Stanley Cup sighting. “Supposedly the team was out sharing the glory with charities around the city, and while that’s great and all, I would love to have a few beers with some the players at a local bar. I guess seeing them at Wrigley will have to do.”

While many past NHL championship teams have chosen to celebrate their trophy at nightclubs, not these Blackhawks. They have proven themselves to be special in many ways.

“I spent so much time in libraries growing up that I just wanted to give back,” said Andrew Ladd, brushing back tears after a recent four-hour stop at a North Side book depository. “Books mean a lot to me.”

Ladd reportedly wooed a modest group of librarians by using the Stanley Cup to hold a copy of Tom Wolfe’s “Bonfire of the Vanities” while reading several chapters aloud to them.

“That book changed my life,” said Ladd. “I could let these successes get to my head like Sherman McCoy, but instead I’ve tried to stay grounded. I’m really thankful for that lesson.”

Not all Blackhawks chose to spend their time in libraries. Others took their celebration to the street.

“My charity of choice is Chicago Coalition for the Homeless,” said Patrick Kane who’s been tirelessly serving food at local soup kitchens the past few days. “When those poor downtrodden people get to the gravy and see it’s being served out of the Stanley Cup, their eyes light up. It’s really magical to see and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”