The Blackhawks won their first Stanley Cup in nearly half a century with a thrilling OT win over the Flyers Wednesday night. Some die-hard fans are already calling it the first of multiple championships to come and comparing them to the Bulls of the ’90s.

“This first one is nice but we’re really talkin’ a minimum six-peat,” said Blackhawks superfan Erik Matthews. “If the Jordan teams could win six in the same building, just imagine how many in a row this young team can win! It can’t be that hard, right?”

After further consideration, Matthews admitted that he may have exaggerated and conceded that it may take the current Blackhawks dynasty up to eight years to achieve their six Stanley Cups.

“Well, even Jordan needed a break after the first few,” Matthews added. “Kane, Toews and Hossa may decide to take a season or two off to play baseball. The Cubs and Sox could sure use them.”

By Brian Berns