Change only required altering one cardboard sign

After suffering some disappointment when their favorite young player didn’t make the big league club out of Spring Training, the Sam Fuld Fan Club regrouped and latched onto another upstart—Tyler Colvin, the offensive hero of Thursday’s 1-0 win over L.A.

“We think this is finally the guy who will be the face of this team,” said Andy Otte, who had been the Sam Fuld Fan Club president, but changed his “Sam Fuld Fan Club” sign to read “Tyler Colvin Fan Club” so he could become the president of that group. “At least I hope so. We’ve already been the Corey Patterson Organization, Bobby Scales Supporters and Fukudome’s Fanatics. I’m getting tired of changing the name every year.”

Otte is not only the president, but the club’s only official member. However, he says he grants membership to whichever sympathizers chant with him in the area around his usual spot in Wrigley’s right field.

“Some people wonder why everyone gets drunk at Wrigley,” says Sam Cho, a season ticket holder who sits near Otte. “It’s because there are guys like Andy yelling every day that Bobby Scales needs to start at second. At least that’s my reason for drinking.”

From the May 2010 issue by Dan Bradley. Click here to subscribe today!