While team officials lobby the Arizona state legislature for public money to fund a new Spring Training facility for the Cubs, several off-season improvements were made to HoHoKam Park thanks to a special referendum in Maricopa County.

Voters approved by nearly 18-to-1 the new “Beer Bong Tax” which allowed for the installation of a 20-foot high beer bong in HoHoKam’s lawn section. The Cubs will bear no brunt of the tax as it will be phased across the other 14 teams in the Cactus League.

“Some guy in a fancy pinstripe suit named Crane told me I’d get free beer if I voted ‘Yes for Beer Bong,'” said Scott Davidson of nearby Tempe. “I can’t wait to give it a whirl.”

The Cubs organization has denied having anything to do with the “Free Beer” campaign, and instead will hit consumers with a $30 surcharge per bong attempt along with the $9.50 regular charge for a can of Old Style.

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