Cubs reliever Kevin Gregg will be busy working this winter. But instead of concentrating on pitching, he will be dishing out endless amounts of pasta, salad and breadsticks at a local Olive Garden.

This may seem like an odd transition from pitching, but Gregg plans to make the most of his hidden talent.

“I approached them with my mama’s recipe for softball-sized meatballs, and they offered me a job on the spot,” said the Cubs’ demoted closer. “Somehow they knew I had a special talent for serving them up. They didn’t even look at my résumé.”

Gregg’s meatballs can be found at participating Olive Garden locations across the Chicagoland area. None of his teammates have claimed to try them, although a number of opponents have issued outstanding reviews.

“They compliment me on my meatballs and how they’re presented right over the plate. Many rave they’re a real home run!” Gregg added. “It’s strange—those guys must be ordering takeout because I’ve never seen them here.”

From the October 2009 issue by Brian Berns