Cubs GM Jim Hendry is under fire and may be out of a job at the end of the year. With his team coming off back-to-back NL Central championships, his position with the organization seemed secure at the season’s start. But after an abysmal showing of his front office skills in 2009, it seems his résumé may some fine-tuning in anticipation of a job search. Unfortunately Hendry missed a golden opportunity to save some serious cash through a free résumé promotion at Kinko’s months ago.

“I really should have taken advantage of that,” said Hendry. “Now I’m going to have to make some lackey intern pay for my résumé printing.”

Hendry is not the only member of the Cubs who could have benefited from the Kinko’s promotion.

“You think I would have learned something about résumés after being on three teams in three years,” said Milton Bradley. “It just goes to show I’m not as good as I thought.”

From the September 2009 issue by Andy Landgrebe