Milton Bradley was suspended for the rest of the season Sunday after criticizing his team in the media, but he may get the last laugh. The Cubs’ introspective right fielder has used the hardship of this season as his muse and created a heartfelt R&B album to be released next month.

“There’s a lot of hatred in my professional life,” said Bradley. “But when I go home and look in the mirror, I like what I see. The only way to express this paradigm is through soulful music.”

Bradley refuses to release the album during the season because, “everybody would question Milton Bradley’s work ethic,” yet has teased fans with his first single, “Booed at Home.”

“The song came to me while I was waiting for the final out of a blowout game,” said Bradley, who couldn’t remember if the Cubs were leading in the lopsided affair. “Hatred was all around me. A voice inside me told me to create.”

Bradley claims he uses the negativity surrounding him to write often.

“Every time the waiter at the table next to me badmouths me, I get out a pen and paper and let the hatred flow.”

From the September 2009 issue by Tim Butterly