The disappointing season of Milton Bradley took a turn for the worse late Thursday night when police say the Cubs outfielder went on a multi-state killing spree, leaving a trail of carnage in his wake.

Apparently angered by Chicago’s failure to fully embrace him, Bradley finally reached his breaking point when a toll booth worker gave him a “weird look” during his drive home from Wrigley Field Friday evening. Bradley put the pedal to the floor of his 2009 Jaguar, unpacked several automatic guns stored in his backseat and began firing at random commuters.

Bradley continued his rampage through Wisconsin and finally surrendered in Minnesota, where he is currently being held. All told, Bradley claimed at least 20 victims, but police said it could have been much worse.

“Luckily his aim is pathetic. He fired nearly 1,000 rounds and only connected on a few dozen,” said Lake County sheriff Tom Mesner. “It’s like the guy can’t do anything right these days.”

Cubs GM Jim Hendry, already under fire for his team’s poor performance this season, was frank after the incident.

“I knew we were taking a chance by signing Milton to a three-year deal this winter,” said Hendry. “To be honest with you, I was expecting him to snap much earlier in the season.”

By Brad Zibung, founder and editor in chief