The year 1908 was noteworthy for at least two reasons: It’s when the Cubs last won a World Series and when General Motors was founded. Now that GM has filed for bankruptcy, the Cubs are declaring themselves victorious.

“We have one goal here and it’s to win a world championship,” said Cubs GM Jim Hendry. “And since we can’t seem to do that, it’s nice to outlast an American icon like General Motors.”

Hendry added that while many franchises would have folded long ago when faced with more than a century of defeat, he’s proud the Cubs have stuck to it all these years.

“One by one, they all fall down after gut-wrenching failure, but not the Cubs,” said Hendry. “We’ll outlast them all. Who’s next? AIG? Citigroup? Some third-rate airline? Bring it on.”

By Brad Zibung, founder and editor in chief