New Bears quarterback and appointed team savior Jay Cutler wasted no time making himself at home in Chicago. With the 2009 season still months away, discovering the Chicago social scene became Cutler’s first order of business.

“People are buying me drinks everywhere I turn,” Cutler said. “Where else can you go and be treated like an instant legend before throwing a single pass? This town is awesome!”

Cutler has patronized different bars each night since his arrival.

After starting on Rush St., he has steadily made his way through watering holes on the South and West sides. Fans can now look forward to seeing him get sloppy in Wrigleyville taverns throughout the summer months.

But amidst all the partying, Cutler also acknowledged his cultural interest in the city.

“Someone gave me a great tip about where to park at some museum called Halas Hall,” Cutler said. “I don’t know what that place is all about, but I have to check it out some time.”

From the May 2009 issue by Brian Berns