Dallas Cowboys owner /general manager Jerry Jones didn’t exactly say drama queen wide receiver Terrell Owens is returning to the Cowboys next season.

Instead Jones delivered a rather cryptic message that the Dallas sports media says means Owens is returning to the team.

Biblical scholars, however have a different interpretation of what Jerry said. “Jerry Jones is a messenger from God, and hopefully will have something more to tell us during the Lenten season,” Dr. Manny Trumstein, professor of Jewish studies at Baylor University said.

Jones said,”You and I both know the one you’re asking about all the time. If I gave you the answer you want to hear, then you would have already had it. The fact you don’t have it, ought to tell you something. It really should.”

According to Trumstein, when you play the recording of the press conference backward, it says, “Follow me, for I am sent here by the Chosen One to help you all to get along.”

Trumstein said he did not know if Jones was trying to save all of mankind, or just those in the Cowboys lockerroom. “It’s definitely a pickle,” he said.


heckler editorial staff