Tim Thomas lasted only three games with the Bulls in 2006 before he whined himself out of town. Now he’s back and promising the second time will be a charm.

Acquired today from the Knicks in a trade for Larry Hughes, Thomas tried to express his regret for the 2006 saga, and claimed being with the Knicks has straightened him out.

“Man, I’m really sorry for all the terrible things I did when I was on the Bulls a few years ago,” said Thomas. “After spending time in New York, I can’t tell you how lucky I am to be back in the Midwest. The people out there … they’re awful. Lying. Stealing. Cheating. And that was just my teammates.”

Thomas — who’s made an approximate $85 million in career salary alone — said this time around he plans to give it his all, which he says would mean showing up — and staying — for almost all practices and not openingly disrespecting his coaching staff in the middle of a game.

“I know I dogged it when I was with the Bulls the first time, as well as many, many other times in my career,” said Thomas. “But those days are behind me. From now on I plan to try relatively hard and get along well with my coaches and teammates, except maybe for Joakim Noah. That guy’s a punk.”

heckler editorial staff